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Glow into the New Year: Embrace a Healthier You with Our Skincare Collection

Welcome the New Year with a fresh resolve to prioritize self-care, starting with your skin. Discover our Glow Skincare collection, a range of natural, organic, and eco-friendly products designed to cleanse, nourish, and protect your skin. Explore the importance of skincare as a New Year's resolution and join us in embracing a healthier you and a healthier planet.

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Say Goodbye to Plastic Pollution with Ma'na Organix's Eco-Friendly Face Balm & Makeup Remover

Plastic pollution is a global environmental crisis that is wreaking havoc on our planet. Single-use plastics are a significant contributor to this problem, and we all have a role to play in reducing our plastic waste. At Ma'na Organix, we are committed to using zero-waste packaging in all of our products, including our amazing Lemon-Cocoa Balm. This balm acts as a makeup remover, thoroughly cleansing the skin without stripping it of natural moisture. It's composed of highly nutritious ingredients like cocoa butter, hempseed oil, coconut oil, and more, making it the perfect mix to keep your face skin moisturized and healthy. By using products like our Lemon-Cocoa Balm and adopting sustainable habits, we can all help reduce plastic pollution and...

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The Newest Skin Care Trend: Cleansing Balm

A cleansing balm is an oil-based cleanser effective at removing makeup, sunscreen, and impurities, without irritating the skin or making it feel uncomfortable.A fantastic alternative to regular cleansers, cleansing balms tend to have a creamier texture and are usually oil-based. Because of this, they can give your pores a deep clean while allowing your skin to retain plenty of moisture to keep it feeling soft and smooth.The cleansing balm is fast becoming many people’s favorite skincare product! And here are the reasons why:It will keep your skin moisturizedIt will cleanse your face and remove makeupIt will give your pores a deep cleanThere are so many different ways to wash your face, but there are lots of reasons why you might...

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