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Discover the Power of Nature: The Benefits of Natural Ingredients in Hair Care

Discover the transformative power of natural ingredients for your hair care routine. Ma'na Organix believes in harnessing the gifts of nature to provide effective and sustainable hair care products. Say goodbye to harsh chemicals and embrace the beauty of naturally derived ingredients. Explore the downsides of chemicals in hair products and the advantages of natural alternatives. Learn about Ma'na Organix's range of natural shampoo bars, conditioner bars, and hair balm bars, formulated with ethically sourced ingredients. Experience the power of nature for healthier, more beautiful hair. Join us on the journey towards a greener and more conscious hair care routine.

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What's So Great About Broccoli Seed Oil?

It’s cropping up in hair care, skin care, and even makeup products. The Environmental Working Group's Skin Deep Cosmetic Database lists 63 products using broccoli seed oil (Brassica oleracea) as an ingredient. (The potent veggie oil scores a low hazard score of 1 on the EWG Skin Deep database.) Broccoli seed oil is gaining recognition as a natural alternative to silicone in cosmetics where high sheen and luster drive demand. But why? What’s so magical about broccoli seed oil?Broccoli seed oil is comprised of 80-85 percent polyunsaturated fatty acids including erucic acid (omega-9), oleic acid (omega-9), and linoleic acid (omega-6). Approximately 50 percent is erucic acid, an omega-fatty acid that imparts a silicone-like sheen and luster to hair and skin...

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Hair oil elixirs are amazing protectors, every woman should use them because a little oil is necessary to keep hair looking and feeling hydrated. Use it as a deep conditioning treatment, combine a few drops of the oil with hot water and apply it all around your hair and then leave it covered for a period letting the oils penetrate your hair, nourishing, healing, refreshing, and reviving. Oiling before washing prevents your hair from absorbing more water than it needs and helps reduce breakage. Applying for styling is the most common way of using hair elixir, its formula softens the hair and helps you to achieve those beautiful, healthy hair strands. Formulated for All Hair Types: Whether you have relaxed...

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