Beeswax: Nature's Natural Protection for Your Skin

Beeswax creates a hydrating, long-lasting barrier to protect skin against environmental pollutants as well as the harsh effects of the elements. Its exfoliating and reparative properties combined with its vitamin content helps promote the skin’s rejuvenation by diminishing the appearance of the signs of aging, including spots, wrinkles, and skin damage. Its regenerative quality and anti-inflammatory properties work in conjunction to help decrease irritation, redness, and inflammation characteristic of acne and eczema, while its anti-septic effects further facilitates the healing process. When applied to stretch marks, beeswax helps to diminish the appearance of these often unwanted marks when used in combination with carrier oils and butters as is found in our Lemon Hemp Butter Lotion Bar & Lip Balm. #beeswax #organic #lotionbar #lipbalm #lemon #hempseedoil #plasticfree #crueltyfree #ecofriendlyproducts #ethicallysourced

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