The Road to a Zero-Waste Lifestyle

We aim to send nothing to a landfill. We reduce what we need, reuse as much as we can, send little to be recycled, and compost what we cannot.

The average American sends 4.4lbs of trash to the landfill every day. We live in a disposable society where we don’t value our belongings, and we’re consuming way too many resources. 

Beyond our overconsumption problem, landfills are toxic. They’re responsible for 20% of the methane emissions in the US, and they aren’t aerated for proper decomposition of natural materials. Toxins from cleaners, batteries, small electronics (and other items that shouldn’t be landfilled) leach into the soil and can run off into the ocean and ground water when it rains.

The bathroom is a place that quickly accumulates lots of trash and lots of plastic. Acquiring Ma’na Organix skin care and beauty products can be the first and great step to start your zero waste journey, while you will love making your bathroom a more eco-friendly place, since there are a lot of changes that can be made in a bathroom to make it sustainable, zero waste and conscious.

We feel that we are responsible not only for the nature, but also for our consumers. By providing compostable materials that are easy to use and preferred by our customers, we can accelerate the movement to a better world.

Our mission is to take good care of you while being gentle with the environment and animals, that’s why we only use organic-certified and eco-friendly ingredients (palm oil free, vegan, and cruelty free). We also use biodegradable non-plastic packaging to prevent landfill buildup and helping reduce plastic waste. Great for your skin and the planet.

Choose our all natural and organically sourced products, which are not only the containers free of plastic and super cute, the material itself is 100% natural and biodegradable.

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