How to use a Conditioner Bar and its benefits. Save the Planet and your Hair!

When it’s gone, it’s gone! There’s nothing at the end to throw away, so this is the perfect zero-waste hair care routine product, where you’ll avoid any plastic bottles or any waste!

Switching to natural shampoo and conditioner bars is not only better for the environment; it can also be better for the appearance of your hair.


Bar conditioner


We have for you three different ways to apply bar conditioner in the shower or as a leave-in conditioner: 

1. Rub it Between your Hands and then apply:

Rub the bar between your wet hands for a little while, you’ll only need to do this for a little while until you see a creamy paste in your hands, then run this through your wet hair using your fingers, until these can knot-free. Leave the conditioner for a minute and then wash. 

2. Apply the Bar Directly in your Hair: 

This is the most preferred way for a lot of people, so all you do is wet your bar first and start at the root of your hair, dragging it to the end. If you have long and thick hair we recommend dividing it into two sections doing the same on each side, always concentrating on your ends. Leave the conditioner for a minute and then wash.

3. Use it as Leave-in Conditioner:

Rubbing the bar between your wet hands for 10 to 15 seconds and apply it to the surface of your hair. It’s recommended not to apply it on the root of your and add little amounts, depending on your hair type. This is helpful for people with really curly hair.

We all have different hair types, so try what is best for you, the best way to apply it, and how often to use it. 

Ma’na Organix has for your the All Natural Hemp Oil Conditioner Bar cleans and moisturizes without stripping color or removing natural oils that are essential for having healthy hair. This cruelty free product doesn’t contain artificial fragrances or harmful chemicals and will condition your hair adding shine and making it look and feel soft and silky.


Conditioner Bar


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