Create your own Skin Care Routine

Caring for your skin is part of your daily habits, that's why we have created some beauty tips that will keep your skin healthy and young!

Four main steps that you must do everyday:

  1. Cleansing - washing your face
  2. Toning - Balancing the skin
  3. Moisturizing - Hydrating and softening skin 
  4. Protecting - Applying Sunscreen 

The right skin care routine starts with knowing your skin type, your skin needs suitable products and solutions based on your skin type. 


  • Dry Skin: For this skin type, use a gentle cleanser that doesn't have alcohol or fragrances. Those ingredients can dry you out even more. Gently wash your skin, then rinse with plenty of warm water. Try exfoliating once a week to get rid of flaky skin cells. 


  • Oily Skin: Use an oil-free foaming cleanser to wash your face. use a toner or astringent after, but be careful because it might irritate your skin.


  • Sensitive Skin: Wash your face with a gentle cleanser and rinse with warm water. Abusive exfoliating may irritate sensitive skin. Try not to use products that have alcohol, soap, acid, or fragrance.

Cleansing in necessary to remove unnecessary oils, and dead skin cells, is crucial to your routine. Wash gently twice a day with your fingers, for about 60 seconds.


After cleansing and removing unwanted elements or makeup on your face, gently spread the toner on your face and neck using the pad or cotton ball, avoiding the eye area and lips. Toners provide a healthy layer to better absorb the rest of your skincare products.

Scrubbing is also important to get a clean skin, free from dirt, oil, and sweat, doing the extra cleaning job, removing the dead cells and pulling out all the dust that accumulates in the pores of your skin. 

Most experts advise to exfoliate two to three times per week, as long as your skin can handle it. Try our glow Hempseed Oil Facial Cleanser!

Try our all in one cleanser and gentle facial scrub

All skin types need moisturizers one every day, as a vital practice for healthy skin. Can reduce the chance of developing extreme dryness or oiliness. Both extremes are harmful to skin and cause common skin conditions like acne.

Serums are the perfect tool to hydrate and nourish your skin, which are beauty care products that are designed to deliver high concentrations of specific active ingredients to the skin. The molecules of this are able to truly penetrate the skin and hydrate on the deepest level, while the heavier creams more so sit on those top layers. Try our glow Hemp Oil Facial Serum

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Sunscreen is one of the most important skin care products you can ever use, it  protects your skin from the damaging exposure of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. And work as a preventive health care habit that should be maintained all year, including the winter months. It lowers your skin cancer risk, prevents premature aging of the skin and helps maintain an even skin tone.


If you want gorgeous skin 30 years from now, the choices you make today will help that happen. Beautiful skin is a lifelong process, and developing a daily skin care routine today can help you keep beautiful skin for the future!





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