Benefits of Using Hair Oil Elixir and How to Apply it!

Hair oil elixirs are amazing protectors, every woman should use them because a little oil is necessary to keep hair looking and feeling hydrated.

There are different ways of applying hair elixirs, for protection, hydrating, anti-frizz, styling, and hair repair. 


Use it as a deep conditioning treatment, combine a few drops of the oil with hot water and apply it all around your hair and then leave it covered for a period letting the oils penetrate your hair, nourishing, healing, refreshing, and reviving. This method is very efficient to reduce and prevent split ends that occur when your hair is really dry and damaged. 

It is very important to choose the correct hair elixir with the right ingredients, nutrients that can help to revitalize your hair. 

Another way of applying hair oil is previous to the shampoo. Oiling before washing prevents your hair from absorbing more water than it needs and helps reduce breakage.

Applying for styling is the most common way of using hair elixir, its formula softens the hair and helps you to achieve those beautiful, healthy hair strands. Your hair deserves oiling before stripping and styling! 

Using a hair oil with ingredients such as hemp oil, castor oil, jojoba oil, broccoli seed oil, maracuja oil, peppermint oil, tea tree oil, may help protect and repair collagen and reinforce the dermal structure on your scalp, which in turn strengthens hair. 

We have for you the best Organic All Natural GRO Hemp Oil Hair Elixir for fine, frizzy, damaged, and dry textured hair:

  • Promotes circulation to the scalp
  • Supports dry scalp and dandruff prevention
  • Supports prevention of split ends
  • Seals the hair shaft
  • Seals in moisture and shine

This product Instantly absorbs into the hair, eliminates frizz, and speeds up the styling

Formulated for All Hair Types: Whether you have relaxed hair, fine curls, or thick, Our hair growth elixir is formulated to target your hair concerns. 

A Safe Hair Serum for the Entire Family, Vegan and free of harsh minerals and parabens, our essential oils protective blend can be used on locks, straight hair, and curly hair.

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